Splashing to Success: Boys Swim 2017


Addie VonDrehle

Q: In past years, how close have you been to making your state cut?

A: Freshman year even though I was on varsity, I wasn’t close to getting my state cut at all. Last year I missed getting in on consideration by three tenths of a second so that was tough. Finally this year I made it.


Q: What does making it in on consideration mean?

A: There are 24 spots at state for people swimming the 100 backstroke. If less than 24 people get their state cut, then the people who were the closest to making their state cuts fill in those spots. This year I made it in as the 22nd person.


Q: How did you find out that you were going to swim at state?

A: Our coach gave the results of consideration to Ian Longan, he won the 100 back at State this year, and he’s a senior that we all really look up to. He pulled me out of practice one day and told me I was in. He gave me a hug and said, “Let’s get a state championship.”


Q: How did it feel to know that you were part of the reason East won a state championship?

A: It was amazing. I’ve been there the past two years just on the sidelines of it, but actually putting on my fast suit and contributing to the team was so much better. 


Q: What was your favorite part of state?

A: Definitely when we found out we won. We went crazy because we broke the points record at East. Knowing that I was apart of the best team East has ever seen is incredible. We kept the streak alive meaning it’s a possibility to win four state titles in four years, which just added to the excitement.


Q: How will you step into a leadership position next year?

A: The seniors this year were great leaders. They showed us what it looks like to work your butt off every day and what can happen when you do. I just hope my fellow juniors and I can step up like they have and show the underclassmen what you have to do to win a State title.