Hole in One: Boys Golf 2017


Emily Cooper

Lacing up his alligator print DryJoys, junior Frank Opelka hears his phone vibrate and watches the iMessage light up his screen. Per usual, one of his best friends junior Will Wiggins is running late, but he decides to go to the course anyways. He could use some extra practice on the green with his other friends juniors Max Maday and Joseph Brouillette.

 Making the easy drive to Indian Hills Country Club, one that he could probably do with his eyes closed by now, parks his car in same spot as always, and continues his daily summer golfing traditions with his four best friends.

Along with Opelka, Wiggins, Maday and Brouillette played golf together almost every day of the week during the summer. Only lightening storms and tornados could keep them away from the course. Since freshman year, the boys have continued this golfing tradition and have carried it into their high school careers.

All four of the boys have played golf on either the varsity or varsity B team over their three years at East. And although they didn’t meet on the golf team, their long friendship and love for the game makes playing together one of their go-to pastimes.

“We all met each other back at Indian Hills and have been close friends ever since,” Wiggins said. “We are always at each other’s houses and hang out a lot, but golfing is one of our favorite things to do.”

Not only does their strong friendship make golfing together at East more enjoyable, the bond can also improve the boy’s individual golf game.

“Although golf is an individual sport, the relationship between teammates is still very important,” head coach Evan Scobie said. “Without those people that you trust to fall back on or give you support, you won’t succeed.”

The bond that these juniors had worked to improve their golf game, whether they knew it or not. The level of comfort that they have with each other allowed them to critique each other as friends, but still make them better players.

“If Max critiques one of my shots, I’ll never get mad at him, I’ll just take what he says and work with it,” Opelka said. “I know that we’re friends and he’s just trying to help me out so it doesn’t bother me.”

Scobie noticed the close friendship between these junior boys, but he also noticed the bond within the whole team. Coming from Pembroke Hill, who had a much smaller golf team, he was impressed by the strong team chemistry at East. Even with a larger team, the boys had a great bond early on and Scobie was excited for the benefits that it would provide.

“This team has so much individual talent and the bond between the boys so early into the season is incredible,” Scobie said. “If this team continues what it’s doing for the next number of weeks, there’s nothing that could stand in our way from another state championship.”