The Upper Echelon

Main Objective: To guide sixteen hundred students through a successful school year. 

Shawnee Mission East’s chief pilot, Mr. Carl Ison, and co-pilot, Mr. Art Selves, kept its every department cruising levelly, and as a result, no “engine trouble” developed to hinder school progress. But without the guidance and supervision of the control tower operator, Dr. Howard D. McEachen, S-M East would not have come in for a “successful landing.”

Emphasis was not placed merely upon school procedure and management. The guidance directors, Miss Donna Adcock, Mr. Paul Arnold, and Miss Pat Key carefully regarded students’ individual needs and reported them to the head administrators. Pupils were urged to seek the counselors’ advice on social as well as academic problems. Dr. Herbert Bruning, Director of Curriculum, played his part in developing a program serving the students’ best interests.

During the active year the administrators worked industriously to get student passengers to their destination. 

Final Result: Mission accomplished.