We Will Ever Be

Students Opinion on Lancer Day


Bridget Epstein and Writing Staff

Volleyball – Alina Lewis – sophomore

“Lancer day is all about the school and the awesome things we do here. It’s cool that we get to highlight everything one day of the year.”


Baseball – Andrew Groat – Senior

“It’s the best day of the year, hands down. I’m feeling like we’re about to go kick Lawrence High booty.”


Cross Country – Khloe Kowalik – Freshman

“I’ve watched it for a couple years and thought it would be fun to do. Now I’m actually doing it.”


Thespians – Barbara DeZutter – Junior

“It brings in the freshmen and helps them get comfortable. It’s an overall really fun time doing the cheers down in the village.”


Sophomores – Will McClellend – Sophomore

“I’m feeling ecstatic right now. Everyone participates in it and dresses up to share the school spirit with the whole community.”


Boys Soccer – Simon Zimmerman – Senior

“I’m feeling great. It’s been a good day, and I can’t wait to do this entire thing.”