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Freshman Aidan Winne Described How He Got Students Involved Through Freshman Connection

Charlotte Hawes and Katheryn Nachtigal

Who are the other freshmen executives?

There’s Emerson Bihuniak, Anna Mitchell, Piper Benjamin, Fritz Sullizan, Grace Knoff.


What is freshmen connection?

What Freshmen Connection is the executives of the freshmen. It’s me and a couple other kids. What we do is we try to find projects for other freshmen that are around East or maybe even in East because a lot of freshmen can’t drive yet. We try to do fun activities because not a lot of freshmen do SHARE, so we try to find as many fun activities as we can to get freshmen involved.


What do you like about having the responsibility of getting the freshmen together for the SHARE program?

I love it because you get to learn a lot of management skills. You go from class to class, but then you have to work on projects. You have to learn how to manage your time. I did projects with FosterAdopt, and it was fun, but it was tough. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.


Why do you think it’s important to have freshmen connection to help get students involved?

It’s not just getting involved, it’s a legacy at East. It’s been around for so long, and it’s one of the biggest student run organizations in the country. It’s a great organization where you can help the community and get volunteers to do a lot of great work. Anyone can do SHARE, it’s not limited to the executives. No matter if you’re the youngest freshman or the oldest senior, anyone in between can do SHARE. It’s not just going out to volunteer and sit around. You get involved in the community. I’m so glad I’m a part of it. It’s one of the best things I’ve done.


Is being a an executive now setting you up to be one in the future?

Yeah, I love the opportunity to be a SHARE executive. A lot of the SHARE executives I know, not even just from SHARE the ones outside of school and stuff, it’s great to talk to them and get to know their point of view to see how I can be SHARE executive when I’m a senior.


How do you think being apart of freshmen connection gets other freshmen involved at school?

Not a lot of freshmen do SHARE because they think it’s weird to do it, but it’s not weird. It’s fun, and great way to help the community. You have to find the fun stuff to get them involved like a dodgeball tournament, where all the proceeds go to St. Jude. Or a football tournament where there was practice and six games in a tournament. We put the fun activities in the start to get them involved. Once getting everyone involved, they can see that it’s not weird and it’s nice to get into the community to help people. That’s when they can start doing the serious projects like Habitat for Humanity where you can go down to the homeless shelters to build houses for veterans.


How did you get involved in SHARE?

My sister’s friend Anna Parker came up to me at my house and was like ‘hey I have to ask some freshmen if they want to be apart of freshmen connections. Do you want to be one?’ I was like yeah that sounds cool. Then we went to a meeting at the end of summer, and we talked about Share. It seemed really fun so I went with it.


Has being a part of it helped you feel more comfortable in your transition to high school?

Yes, you get to meet a lot of upperclassmen and get involved. You realize they’re not as scary as you thought. They’re nice people.