Through The Years: Yearbook 2019

A First and Second Year Described Their Different Experiences on staff

Charlotte Hawes, Captions Editor

1st year: Lauren Brock

Walking in from second breakfast, sophomore Lauren Brock sat down at a far table in the back of the new Journalism room. She listened to the editors as they gave their daily announcements- captions due Monday, Photographers who could shoot the physics lab during fifth hour, final due dates for September spread, November copy rough turn ins.

After they were finished and journalism advisor Dow Tate turned them loose, Brock opened JDATA to finish working on her critiques from the class for her assigned September spread. Girls tennis.

As a designer and a first year on staff, Brock designed sidebars, spreads and senior ads. She has enjoyed the yearbook program so far. She took journalism 1 freshman year and got interested in being on staff when the editors of both publications came to talk to their class. She wanted to get more involved at East.

“I really enjoyed journalism, and I’ve heard so many positive things about the staff that I wanted to try it out and see how I liked it,” Brock said. “I have loved meeting new people and getting great advice from other students.”

From dance team to yearbook, Brock has made friends here from drill team and the other first years, she liked getting to know her design family and got lots of help and advice from the seniors on staff. She also grew closer with the other first years on staff.

“I have a lot of friends from dance team on staff that are juniors and seniors and there are a few sophomores that are first year so we relate to a lot of the stuff we go through,

But when she’s not working on her spread, Brock is getting coverage, by running passes to interview around the school. This involved look which is sometimes tricky.

“Sometimes teachers don’t allow their students to leave during class and they won’t even take the pass,” Brock said. “But when that happens, you have to organize an interview after school, in another hour or whenever they are available. If worse comes to worse, you can FaceTime or call them.”

Brock works hard on all her assignments. She interviewed for sidebars, wrote captions, or did senior ads-which Brock did four of, and got sports scores for JV and varsity soccer. She works hard to meet her deadlines and hopes to be on hauberk again in the coming years.

“I’m really looking forwards to D-Day,” Brock said, “And to more light nights.”

2nd year: Katheryn Nachtigal

Scrolling through page after page of senior ads, Nachtigal came closer and closer to her deadline. She placed over 250 senior ads across 100 pages of the yearbook with the help of the editors, but not with much ease. This cost her a whole seven period day of school and hours on end in the J-room, but Nachtigal got it done.

“It was stressful to try to get everything finished when it had to be done,” Nachtigal said. “I had help from other editors and people on staff which made it go smoother.”

As a second year, she had more responsibility: a whole section.

“Last year, since I was a first year, I had a lot more things like captions and keeping track of sports scores,” Nachtigal said. “But this year I was in charge of a whole section so all I have been focusing on since the start of school has been senior ads.”

In her job as a senior ad and copy editor, she finalized ads with senior Molly Winne, going through each one to make sure the dimensions of the photo, name of the senior, standards of the ad and spelling of the messages were correct. They replaced every missing link and fixed all placeholder names.

When not working on senior ads, she worked on her current assignments as a writer. She brainstormed leads and story ideas and interviewed people for the October DECA story.

Nachtigal has enjoyed her time on staff and especially enjoyed getting to meet new people who she doesn’t normally hang out with and has gotten close to.

“This year has been a lot more stressful because I don’t want anything to go wrong with what I’m working on. I want to prove I can handle the responsibilities,” Nachtigal said. “It’s also probably been more fun because I have gotten a lot closer with people who I was too shy to talk to last year.”

3rd year: Gretchen Raedle

As senior and third year Gretchen Raedle walked through the fourth floor hallway she searched for someone to interview for her next instagram post. Raedle was the co-media editor for the humans of East and Hauberk Instagram. It was something that her and senior Maddy Slaughter revived after three years of not having it.

“We took it over and moved it to the Hauberk account so we could have something on there,” Raedle said. “We want to do more stuff with that because it publicizes it more, and it’s a cool thing to learn the weird facts their classmates.”

Raedle wanted to see more of a social media presence and do something new with the hauberk instagram that could be different for her last year on staff.

Along with being Co-Media Editor, Raedle is also assistant design editor. When she’s not working in media, she’s helping out around staff.

“I spend time with first years working and helping them with their spreads,” Raedle said. “If there’s any extra help the editors need, like with senior ads, I’ll be helping them with that.” Raedle has worked with the editors since her sophomore year and enjoyed getting to

come and see everyone everyday.
“It’s a group of people who wouldn’t normally come together,” Raedle said. “But I always

have a lot of fun when we do.”