Fight for a Green Earth: Global Warming 2019

Learn More About What Climate Change Does and What It Means

Grace Helmuth, Meredith McGannon, and Charlotte Hawes

What does global warming mean to you?

Basically just the changing climate due to greenhouse gas emissions, the temperature rise, and then all the effects of that.


What’s the best way to advocate for climate change?

I would say I think movements such as like the sunrise movement, and strikes, like school strikes… but also talking to your politicians. I think that’s really helpful but I think the number one thing that a lot of like high schoolers can do, [is] voting for politicians who will pass legislation to help stop the climate crisis.


Do you think the government or consumer choices have the biggest impact on global warming?

I just think government because industry is really the biggest greenhouse gas emitter and you can only do so much with personal change. It’s systematic change that really will have the biggest impact on you know, solving the climate crisis.


How have you responded to global warming?

I do have some personal choices to try to help, you know, just do what I can. I’m vegan because it produces less, you know, greenhouse gases and then I met with some politicians. I’ve worked with like sunrise and activists groups to try to get… legislation passed that will help solve the climate crisis.


What is the mission of the club?

We try to work in school to, within our own community to become more environmentally friendly and conscious. We also try to raise awareness for climate change because… I feel like it’s pretty basic thing most people know about it, but I feel like a lot of people don’t realize how severe it is. So trying to raise awareness within our own community, and then also being able to go out and talk to politicians about it and, we worked with The Sunrise Movement and working both on the personal change within our community, but also towards the systematic change.