No Days Off – Girls Golf 2020


Emily Winter and Audrey Brown

The girls’ golf team hauled their twelve clunky bags onto the Indian Hills Country club course on a Monday afternoon. The freshmen set up for their initiation tee-off along with two more new members — seniors Megan Biles and Reese Althouse. 

Seniors Hope and Hanna Robinett nagged Biles and Althouse all summer to join the team for a final season focused on one thing: bringing home the state title for the second year in a row. 

With five of the six members of the state championship team returning, the girls were ready to take every opportunity to reclaim their title. Though — like many other sports and activities — golf was uncertain of their future for the season due to COVID-19. 

Senior Quincy Hepler had been playing golf since the age of five, and last year helped lead the team to a victory. 

“Winning state last year was really important to my teammates and me because with Covid we had to fight to be able to play this year,” Hepler said. “We were there to win.”

Encouraging messages from head coach Dave Hanson and assistant coach Ronald Stallard helped the girls push through practices all summer long — though still no guarantees about the year had been made. 

Daily iMessages like “We working ladies??” and “Playing Championship Golf there are NO DAYS OFF!!” blew up the girl’s phones. They served as a constant reminder of how good the season could be if they put in the work. 

Finally, one step in the right direction: a practice schedule. Although many of the country club courses had restrictions, their team was welcome. They were cut down to four days a week instead of the usual five — and tournament information was changing day by day— but they had a practice schedule. 

Practice, practice, practice — it seemed as if that was all they were going to do this year. With no team dinners, and the number of tournaments being cut down, bonding moments were going to be limited.

“This year they’re playing to reclaim their title,” senior Ava Yun said. “And I know that the leaders of this team will make sure they’re successful”.

The varsity members had put in the work all season, and it all paid off. 

They won state. Four out of five team members place in the top 12 of individual scores. They celebrated their second win in a row with smiles, while they planned to do it all over again next season.