Fresh Faces – Girls Volleyball


Charlotte Hawes and Camille Dissel

Huddled on the court, the varsity volleyball team planned their next move. Senior Mia Roman got into setting position while senior Addie Dunbar, standing just feet away, prepared to make her move. 

Younger players had a major role in the move, and the sister duo, sophomore Ava McDonald and freshman Zoe McDonald, stepped up as middle blockers for the team. The varsity team had a lot of fresh talent filled with many new underclassmen players, creating a completely new lineup. 

“As a whole, the social dynamic is all different,” senior Sarah Bingham said. “It’s just a completely new group of people.”

The gap left room for other girls to step up. Varsity had five returning players out of the eleven on the squad, leaving room for six new additions. The seniors now had a new group of girls to lead, and incoming players had people to look up to. A new cycle of players allowed for a stronger connection and better playing chemistry. 

“Having a lot of young talent is definitely refreshing,” junior Ella Bunde said. “Our seniors this year have done a really good job of stepping up and filling their shoes in a bigger way to help us play better.”

Many of the newer players already had experience playing volleyball, as they were apart of clubs before joining the team. Their skills, even with the adjustments to high school volleyball, did not go unnoticed by Bingham. 

“At practices every day, they’ve adjusted to playing against people that are older and stronger,” Bingham said. “Their lack of experience doesn’t really show as much as usual for freshmen.”

The team had high hopes for the season because of the influence and capabilities of the newer, younger players. With all the underclassmen, the seniors this year came into their leadership positions by improving communication and getting to know the younger girls. 

“It definitely was a fresh start, which I think is all we needed,” Bunde said. “We had a pretty good season compared to the last few years.”

Even though they couldn’t do some of the classic van ride sing-alongs to the school song or courtside handshakes this year, the upperclassmen on the team still managed to bond with their younger teammates. 

“The seniors helped us out a lot because they’ve stepped into those leadership roles,” Bunde said. “It’s good to have the old varsity talent, and the new varsity talent coming in, so that we can teach the younger players.”

As a senior on the team with a new leadership role, Bingham was happy to step up and give the new players the experience they needed to one day become leaders on the team too. 

“It’s been really good to get that experience and get them on the floor because they’re the future of the team,” Bingham said, “After we leave, they’re going to be replacing us as the leaders.”