Cut- Throat Energy- Girls Basketball 2020


Calleigh Nachtigal and Maddie Thibodeau

Walking into her first practice of the season, junior Greer Hembree was ready to go. She put on her basketball shoes and got right to the court. Practice started with the usual form shooting, and then onto dynamic stretching, followed by 1 vs. 1 drills, the daily free-throw ladder, and finishing off with a scrimmage.

The girls were very hopeful to have a season as successful as their last one, which meant winning almost every game. They had the dedication, they had the work ethic, the last thing they needed was the outcome.

“We have a really good team environment with lots of communication and encouragement,” said sophomore Riley Eck. “We also love pushing ourselves and we love the competition and just getting better every single day.”

Heading into their first game of the season, the girls were feeling comfortable enough to pull out the win. But with half of the team either injured or in quarantine, the game didn’t go as expected. The girls finished with a 46 point loss to BV North.

This was not the outcome that the girls had expected, but they knew if they would have had their whole team they could have pulled out the win. The girls knew they would have a second shot at a win the following week, so they just had to give their all at practice this coming week.

“I think sometimes it’s less about being positive and more about having a cut-throat energy,” Hembree said. “We are very hungry to win.”

The girls tried to keep pushing, but loss after loss it got harder for them to want to try. They knew better than to get down on themselves because that would only bring down their want and will to continue playing.

“I don’t think we have gotten worse,” Hembree said. “I just think the competition has gotten better.”

Although the losses were discouraging, the girls did their best to make sure that no one left the locker room after a game feeling sad about the results or how they played. They do their best to keep each other in check.

 Even if it was someone’s worst game of the season, the girls make sure to lift each other up and remind each other that this is a team effort and that they all play together, and that they are all in this together.