Capturing the Moments – Hauberk 2020


Calleigh Nachtigal and Audrey Brown

The idea of having her work in the hands of every SM East student had intrigued sophomore Emily Winter, sparking her interest in joining Hauberk. Without hesitation, she signed up to take 21st Century Journalism her freshman year, with the hopes of applying and making it on staff her sophomore year.

Through the struggles of 21st Century Journalism, which included the constant need for story ideas, the awkward first interviews, and journalism advisor Dow Tate’s tough critiques, Winter gave it her all.

She decided to put her focus towards becoming a writer because she loved writing, and had been told for many years by her English teachers that she was a great writer. Since she had an already busy schedule with school and sports, being a writer seemed like the position that would be the most manageable with her schedule. 

For Winter, joining the Hauberk staff wasn’t just about having fun and meeting new people, it was about being part of something that is nationally recognized. But more important to Winter, it is something that her entire high school gets to see, and admire.

“Everyone gets the yearbook and keeps it as a highschool memory to look back on,” Winter said. ”And I think it’s really cool that I get to contribute to so many people’s memories.”

The same goes for junior Grace Kloster, a photographer on staff. To her, Hauberk was more than just taking pictures. It was about the memories she made with other staff members, and the experiences that she got to have while photographing different events, such as soccer games, tennis matches, or basketball games.

Kloster also loved getting to see all of the impressive work that the upperclassmen get to do.

“A lot of the upperclassmen are super talented,” Kloster said. “It’s really cool to see some of the stuff that they do with the yearbook.”

Similarly to Kloster, Winter loved being on staff because it gave her a much different view of what was going on at SM East. It allowed staffers to really get the chance to dig deep with their assignments and it was something so special because you get to know people on a much more personal level.

“I like getting to see and know about almost everything going on at East,” Winter said. “Since stories are about the students of East you get to talk to a lot of fun people and hear stories that you wouldn’t find out about in just a typical conversation.”