No Strings Attached


Standing on the curb of a family home in Prairie Village senior Phoebe Smith waited for her uber with her wedges in hand. She knew that her mascara was smeared under her eyes, but she had received a text from her summer fling, who she had no emotional interest in, and accepted the invitation for the late night hookup.

Smith liked being able to be with whoever, whenever, and for whatever reason she chose to do so. It wasn’t awkward for her, and she was used to  the “no strings attached” mentality.

Smith had experienced a “serious” relationship, one that lasted almost two years. But when they broke up, Smith only wanted to get into another relationship when she knew it was real. And she knew that was hard to find in highschool. She wanted to be able to have fun, hookup with guys, and still be independent.

“So many things came along with dating, there came the possibility of it ending and the drama behind that,” Smith said. “Why set something up to fail.”

 It wasn’t worth wasting her time unless she found someone who she couldn’t stop thinking about. Smith knew it was real if she actually worried about snapchatting back. She thought that being young meant having time. Rushing into anything would be a mistake in her eyes because she’d be wasting her time on something that wouldn’t last. She refused to settle. 

Smith was confident, and if someone didn’t accept her for herself or the way she liked to casually talk to multiple people then they weren’t for her. If they couldn’t be mature enough to tell other people that they were casually hooking up, then Smith was over it.

“I think if a guy says people can’t know, then get out of there,” Phoebe Smith said. “They shouldn’t be embarrassed of you.

A relationship wasn’t a taboo label she could never wear. But, it did have to be something that she felt was worth her time, with someone that satisfied all her needs and wants, and most importantly was proud to be with her. Until she found that, Smith was confident in her choice to maintain several casual relationships at once. 

“You have to think about what you want to do,” Smith said. “People judge you either way. People in relationships get judged too for what goes on inside their relationship so it’s a catch 22.”