What’s the Move?



“The snow day got called for Wednesday, so me and my friends went out on a Tuesday and we were in my neighbor’s backyard that I work for. They had sold their house though, so it was pretty much abandoned. We were smoking weed and somebody saw us and called the cops on us. It was the people that lived behind the house we were at, like caddy corner. My car was parked in front of their house afterwards and we were sitting in there when the cops pulled up. They came up to the car and asked what we were doing and we said we were just chilling, but because someone called them, they had reasonable suspicion and asked us to open a bag that was on the dash. In the bag was a lot of illegal items, so they searched the rest of the car, put us in cuffs, put us in the back of the car and called our parents. It really sucked. We all got possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, illegal use of ID and possession of nicotine. My parents were more upset than mad and I was grounded for a month.”


It was the first day of Thanksgiving break junior year and his parents were in California and he never has people over but for some reason he decided to that night. Some people were in the backyard smoking and everyone else was downstairs in the basement or on the stairs. The cops claim that one of our friends opened the door for them even though she’ll say to the day she dies that she didn’t. A bunch of people ran out the back door and started hopping fences but I was in such an inconvenient place and they were already down the stairs. They bring us upstairs to the living room and everyone is running through what you’re supposed to say to a cop because they’re basically about to interview us all. I literally got up at one point

and ate soap in the bathroom because I didn’t know what else to do. My mom was texting me to refuse a breathalyzer because I was 16 but everyone called their parents and they all came. The cops wrote down all of our information or if you had your ID

you had to give it to them. Basically there was a nice cop and a mean cop and the nice cop was interviewing me and said I was good to go and was very respectful but the mean cop freaked out. He was like ‘Are you kidding

me did you see her eyes? They are so glassy, she’s obviously been drinking’. I still refused a breathalyzer and just went out to my parents.