We’ve Got You Covered


Lucy Dozier

You’ve seen us around. 

We’re the obnoxiously loud group giggling outside your English classroom as we type away at our monthly assignments. The ones pestering you about upcoming events at lunch so we don’t get a zero on our weekly story ideas.

We’re at every football, soccer and lacrosse game — but never in the student section. We sit on the sidelines with our long lenses and camera bags, trying to capture each and every play. 

You’ve seen us run hundreds of passes to your Spanish class, only to receive a ‘gracias’ from Dr. Finnie before he throws the pass away. We slap stacks of Harbinger into the doorway of your fourth hour classes.

The J-Kids.

After we pull you out of your math class three days in a row for interviews, we see you as another friend to wave to in the hall. We tell the story of the closed-off freshman at the back of our spanish class, or the outgoing girl who’s secretly struggling with mental illness.

We may not know how to hold a trombone, but when we’re assigned to shoot the marching band festival, we take the opportunity to learn the cadences and foot patterns you practice every day. 

Through shooting clubs we become involved in feminism, bollywood dance and robotics — things we would have never been involved in on our own. We find interests we never knew we had.

We spend our block periods designing graphics about the band’s weekly Winstead’s dinner. We use our headlines to represent the football team’s resilience in just a few words. We design our pages to make your story heard.

You may not know us, but we have probably corrected the spelling of your last name more than once while proofing portraits. We have typed your name into more clubs pages than we’d like to think about — by the way, how was Happy Club this week?

We document the highs and lows of your high school experience. From your sock collections to your family drama to your substance abuse problems, you bring us into a personal place in your life.

Your vulnerability gives us a responsibility to write your story as you want it to be heard. Your passion inspires us to take photos that are powerful enough to convey what you felt in that moment.

Despite our two-week deadlines, we tell your story as if we’ve known you for years. Whether it’s an interview sitting in the fifth floor hallway, or a last minute photoshoot for the tennis sidebar, we get to know you like we never would’ve without journalism.

Some of us didn’t have an identity before we found room 521. While we may not be the captain of the soccer team or a SHARE exec, we spend our time documenting them. 

When we’re asked the go-to question at family dinners or college visits, “what are you involved in?,” the first thing out of our mouths is simple — journalism.

We found our connection to East in looking for the newsworthy people and events around the school. Because of journalism, we are connected.