Symphonic Synthesis


As a chemist’s trained hand accurately measures each element and combines several of them carefully to form a compound; as a composer blends chords together to produce a song, so Mr. Geoffroy, the band and orchestra director, mixed his different instruments together to form a solid tone of harmony. A reaction occurs: the union of chemicals produces heat, light, or energy; the song creates the sensation among the rock and roll set, and the strains of the S-M East instrumental efforts produce a charming overture to prelude an operetta or a rousing fight song to cheer by. Mr. Geoffroy had excellent materials to work with: a receptive, soundproof room, an industrious group of students, and enthusiastic backing by the school; but in order to put these facilities to the good use they deserved, he had to use them as effectively as possible. Organizing the A and B bands meant new uniforms, new instruments, and frequent practices during and after class. There were concerts, assemblies, and music contests to prepare for, plus added hours at football and The orchestra preluded its performances for God’s Trombones and Plain and Fancy with hours of rigorous and fitful rehearsal. The final reaction: a booming applause.