Social Generation


How did you decide to use instaGRAM instead of ebay and sites likes that?

I feel like I just wanted it to be local. I wanted people who go to East or Indian Hills or live close, I didn’t want to have to ship stuff I wanted someone to be able to come to my house to pick it up or to give it to someone during passing period instead of having to ship something out.


Why did you start a closet account?

I had gone shopping with my mom and I was looking at my closet. I was like, ‘this is so cluttered’ and I’m an organization freak so I decided that I needed to get rid of stuff so why not sell it? Then I’d have more money to go buy more clothes.  So that’s kind of where the idea came from.


Do you think closet accounts have gained popularity because of people wanting a more minimalist lifestyle?

Honestly yeah. It’s always nice, at some point, to donate the clothes that don’t sell. It’s just a nice way to get rid of stuff that doesn’t fit me and then go get new clothes with that money.