Pep Club Spirit: Pep Club 1976

This year, the girls’ pep club loyally executed an abundance of S.M. spirit toward all school sponsored athletic events. Wearing new uniforms consisting of a “Lancer” plaid skirt topped with a blue sweater, each member faithfully attended and actively supported all of East’s sport activities.

Meeting unfailingly every Monday after school were the members of the executive committee, Ann Catlett, Mary Clarke, Kitty Wilson, and Laurie Douglass. The smooth organization of pep club can be attributed to these officers. Pep Club, SOM. East’s largest club, fulfilled many responsibilities such as: planning pep assemblies, painting signs to publicize events, awarding the miniature megaphone to the “Pepster-of-the-week”, decorating goal posts, baking team treats and, above all, attending and supporting athletic activities.

Pep and spirit—that was SM East. Neither rain, snow, sleet nor hail could daunt the spirit of the girls’ pep club. High spirits, syncopated chanting, and organized cheering were the inspirations that led to our Lancer victories.