Thespians Promote Dramatic Arts: Thespians 1976

Honoring students for active participation in the field of dramatic arts, the International Thespian Society encouraged the advancement of high school theater. The motto, act well your part, there all the honor lies,” became a reality as new members were initiated in the spring. To have qualified for membership, one must have earned ten points by working on a minimum of two stage productions as a member of the cast or crew, or by participating in forensics tournaments. Thespian memberships came primarily from Actors’ Studio, Repertory Theater, and the stagecraft classes.

Thespians were also service-oriented. The selling of programs and concessions at football and basketball games filled not only their pocketbook, but also filled a need for responsible and dedicated people working at the games. In October, Thespians put on a tasty banquet for the “Up With People” cast members. Various workshops involving theatrical technique were attended by Thespians, also.