Hauberk Award for Outstanding Senior: Hauberk 1976

The Hauberk Award was presented to the one senior who, in the opinion of the student body, made the greatest contribution to East in his or her three years of high school. The Hauberk staff nominated ten seniors for the student body to vote on. The ten were Barbara Goolsbee, Al Ross, Linda Warwick, Mark O’Connell, Paul Redford, Bunny Porter, Kitty Wilson, Boyd Vereen, Nancy Whitehead, and Karen Majors. Contributions of the ten individuals included doing work for Student Government, having leading roles in East’s theatrical productions, writing material for the three publications at East, and putting in many hours of work for various parts of Pep Club. Four of the nominees were National Merit Letter of Commendation winners and one was a National Merit Semifinalist. All were members of the National Honor Society. The total amount of time spent by these seniors making Shawnee Mission East an outstanding school mounted well into the thousands of hours. Anyone of these ten people could have been presented this award, but the students voted and chose Kitty Wilson to receive the 1976 Hauberk Award.