Journalist Award: Quill + Scroll 1976

Quill and Scroll, a national honorary society was established to honor high school students exhibiting outstanding interest and participation in Journalism. Students working on either the newspaper or yearbook staffs were eligible for nomination if recommended by Harbinger advisor Mr. Robert Dillon or Hauberk advisor Mrs. Linda Thomson.

Quill and Scroll honored journalism students active in a broad sense. Eligibility was not limited to those students writing for the publications. Students involved in other phases of journalism, such as management, editing, or production, were also eligible. Other membership requirements stipulated that all candidates be either a sophomore having completed the first semester, junior, or senior, ranking in the top third of their class. After meeting the requirements for nomination, final approval for membership was granted by the executive secretary of the society.

Students who were accepted by the society were honored at an initiation ceremony held in the spring. All members also received a charm or pin and a year’s subscription to the Quill. It is hoped that membership in the society encouraged further participation in Journalism.