NFL Sparks Speakers: Forensics 1976

While many people consider talking in class to be wrong, the NFL honored students who wished to express themselves verbally. The National Forensics League, commonly known as the FL, was an honorary society for students active in debate or forensics.

Students gained membership in the NFL after earning twenty points. Varying degrees of advancement were awarded to members when their NFL point totals reached a designated sum. Certificates and pins were used to recognize students as they reached these various levels of achievement. The NFL also sponsored state wide tournaments at the end of both the debate and forensic seasons. Any team or individual speaker winning first place in this state competition was eligible to enter the national NFL contests. These NFL tournaments were very important, for hey provided debate and forensic students with a goal to work toward throughout the season.

The SM East chapter of the NFL has always been and continued to be strong this year. Under the guidance of teachers Larry Brown, Eldon Evans, and Bryce York, the student executive committee organized and directed the SM East debate and forensics tournaments. These tournaments were two of the largest held in Kansas.