Self-Expression: Labyrinth 1976

The Labyrinth, Shawnee Mission East’s literary magazine, was a creative outlet for expressive students at SM East. The magazine was published each quarter and contained artwork, essays, poetry, editorials, and short stories. Led by editor Martha Reed, and sponsored by Mrs. Nora Lamkin, the Labyrinth was labeled a “wide open magazine.” With no definite structural format, the magazine served as a medium for the student with literary or artistic talent. The Labyrinth staff met regularly throughout the school year to work on layouts, distribution, and themes that the staff felt were relevant to students: religion, love, death, and politics.

Subscriptions solicited at the beginning of the year provided the Labyrinth staff with necessary financial support. The over all contribution of Labyrinth resulted in self-expression being used by the student body. Each of the four issues was greeted with enthusiasm and interest.