“What’s New” is News: Harbinger 1976

Students lounging on benches in the front hall while reading the Harbinger were a common sight on Friday afternoons. The Harbinger was the weekly newspaper produced by the Journalism Il classes. The newspaper served two purposes. First, it provided journalism students with a working opportunity to write and compose a paper. This was done in the belief that students will learn through experience. Secondly, it informed and entertained the student body, faculty, and subscribing alumni who read it.

Many aspects of production were combined to produce the Harbinger in its finished form. Each of these vital phases was the result of a specific staff’s hard work. The news staff reported extracurricular, academic, and community involvements and events which pertained to SM East. The sports staff was responsible for equal coverage of all school-connected sports. Entertaining and amusing articles were the outcome of the features staff’s energies. Photographs, cartoons, and other drawings which were provided by the photographers and artists, enhanced the news stories and features. The business end of production was handled by the advertising and circulation staffs. The ad staff sold and composed ads and the circulation staff was responsible for delivering the paper. The total staff was guided by Mr. Robert Dillon.