Cheers to Lancers: Cheer 1976

The Varsity, Chant Squad, Junior Varsity, and Sophomore Cheerleaders dedicated time and energy to achieve a goal—active support and enthusiasm for Lancer athletics. At least one of the four squads was represented at every sports event throughout the year. Attending football games, wrestling matches, gymnastics meets, and basketball tournaments constituted but one area of cheerleading responsibility. In addition to supplying “team treats” the girls devoted countless hours of practice to perfecting cheers, chants and formations, with the objective to encourage SM East spirit.

The Varsity squad, chosen in the spring, proved superior at a competitive camp. Returning with a spirit stick, five blue ribbons, and the highest honor—the “spark plug” award, the girls upheld a high standard of Lancer excellence. The Chant Squad, Junior Varsity and Sophomore squads, selected in September, shared the enthusiasm and dedication of Lancer cheerleaders.