It’s All About Balance: Gymnastics 2012

Danya Issawi

Sophomore Angela Bever’s eyelids struggled to stay open. They began to flutter closed but snapped back open at the last second, never allowing Bever to get the sleep she craved. Her eyes stared blankly at the Algebra 2 book in front of her. Exhausted, she tried to finish her math homework.

Between juggling school, daily practices, gymnastics meets, mountains of homework and shuffling back and forth between East and North life got hectic for the girls on the East gymnastics team.

“Since we re a joint team with [SM] North, we have our practices there every day from 3:30 to 5:45,” Bever said. “We also have weekend practices on Saturday mornings. The practices aren’t too long, but the drive to and from North takes a while so I don’t have time to do my homework before, and by the time I get home its around six and I still have to shower, do my homework and study, and go to bed.”

On top of having practices every day, the girls also had gymnastics meets every week.

“1 love competing at meets, but trying to get any work done after a meet is next to impossible,” junior Sara Baumann said. “l would get home around 10:00pm, and I would have to stay up late doing homework.”

Even though the girls got home late, tired, and left with mounds of geometry, chemistry, and biology homework to do, they found ways to make their schedules work.

“Sometimes after practice, a couple of girls and I would go over to the library to study or do homework,” Baumann said. “It made it easier to get the work done because there are no distractions at the library and I can ask my friends questions about my homework.”

While help from friends made it easier for the gymnasts to get through their work, an overpowering love for gymnastics is what ultimately made the hard work worth while.

“Whenever I got tired I kept reminding myself that I really do love gymnastics,” Bever said. “l love hanging out with the girls on the team, making each other laugh, and learning new tricks. I love to do bar routines because it’s all a whirlwind, and once you have finally finished the routine it’s the most rewarding feeling in the world. When I remind myself of that, it helps get through the work I have to do.”

Bever wasn’t the only one who had an incredible passion for gymnastics.

“l like that it’s an independent sport and everyone can progress at their own pace.” Sophomore Maddie Nesselhuff said. “It’s so fun doing my floor routine. Every time I performed it adrenaline was rushing through my body, and I love that feeling. Everything about the gymnastics team, the other gymnasts, the coaches, and the routines, make me love it even more.

Although their sport took up a lot of time and energy, the love the gymnasts have for what they do helps them keep their lives balanced on and off the beam.