Make Your Mark: Girls Golf 2012

Elizabeth Wilcox

Temperatures dove into the forties as members of the girl’s golf team stood drenched in their rain suits. That morning, everyone was huddled under umbrellas at the Shadow Glen Golf Club. Due to sporadic downpours and gusting winds up to thirty miles per hour, the typically four-and-a-half-hour state tournament was dragged out into a seven-hour event.

The state team, which consisted of two juniors and four sophomores, had mixed feelings throughout the duration of the tournament. While a few had high expectations for themselves, most were experiencing state for the first time.

The new experience of a state tournament alongside the bitter October weather proved to be a challenge for sophomore Sophie Wetzler.

“l was really intimidated at first but I tried to think of it as I would any other round,” Wetzler said. “But the cold weather made the greens extremely difficult to play on.” Participating in state for her third consecutive year, junior Anne Willman had an entirely di fferent perspective on the tournament.
“Being on of the more experienced players on the team, I am forced to step up and act as a leader N.Y. giving [my teammates] encouraging words,” Willman said. “l tell them that this is just like any other tournament and that anything can happen.”

However, this tournament had been long awaited for Willman and her expectations were higher than those of her teammates.

“This is the one tournament where you get a ton of recognition, and it’s a good chance to prove yourself,” Willman said. “l went into the tournament thinking had a chance to win it.” With the torrential rain acting as a constant reminder of the challenge ahead, Willman tried to not let it affect her performance. It proved to be a test of Willman’s mental toughness. “l had practiced in the rain numerous times and I knew it was nothing I couldn’t handle,” Willman said. “l figure if you act like it’s a problem, it will only hurt your game, so just act like it’s not a big deal.” For Wetzler, the skills gained this season helped not only their state performance as a team, but also her individual performance which she hoped would carry over to next season.

“l learned to focus on my own game and to not be intimidated by other players,’ Wetzler said. “l hope do a lot better and since we have our whole team returning, hopefully we’ll place second or win state.”