Painting the Town: Kansas City 2012

Taylor Runion

Kansas City is often overlooked as a big city. However, if one is willing to explore, they will find that it has much to offer.

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is one attraction that is overlooked, especially by teens. In the summers, the museum offers teenagers the opportunity to lead tours for young children. Senior Cassie Sterbenz took advantage of this opportunity.

“l thought I would love being there, even though it’s just a summer job and it’s only a few weeks. I learned a lot from it, so it was a really good experience,” Sterbenz said. “The best part was getting kids interested in what they saw. We had them draw or had them try to figure out what the artist used. Their reaction was my favorite part of working there.”

Senior Elle McClenny also had an opportunity to be involved in Kansas City’s cultural scene. McClenny appeared in four productions at Theater in the Park over the past four summers.

‘Kansas City definitely has really high-end community theater, like Theater in the Park, and it’s always advertised that it’s the biggest community theater in the country,” McClenny said. “It falls in a gray area between community theater and professional theater. McClenny believes that Theater in the Park offers a unique opportunity that is not offered by other communities.

“Small towns have community theater, but not the same quality, and fewer people are involved,” McClenny said. “In big cities, community theaters aren’t really there because those involved want to do professional theater.

Whether regarding studio or performing arts, Kansas City’s unique population, location and resources give teens opportunities to become involved.

“It is really cool just how the community works, and how it wants- and is able to- involve younger people in these big jobs,” Sterbenz said.

“It’s just kind of a fun thing about Kansas City.”