Ladies Night: Homecoming 2016


Mary Centimano

As October rolls around year after year, there is only one thing filling up the group messages of high school students: homecoming. Every year, girls struggle to pin the white rose boutonniere to their date’s jacket, trying to avoid stabbing them in the chest. They sit at dinner afraid to interrupt the silence with a single word. They pose for pictures with the unknown spinach still stuck in their teeth from dinner at Brio, which everyone failed to mention to them.

Rather than biting their acrylics due to the awkwardness of the night, some girls instead enjoyed a stress-free time with their close friends. One of the many girls who made the choice to go with her friends was freshman Sophia Durone. 

“It was nice to be able to be comfortable around [my friends],” Durone said. “Just being able to be ourselves and not worry about what our date would have been thinking.”

Rather than spending dinner sitting quietly at a country club, Durone and her friends sat and laughed at Seasons 52 eating lobster pasta and drinking ginger ale from champagne glasses. While most couples just made a pit stop at the dance on their way to the crowded after party held in someone’s dark basement, Durone and her friends kicked off their heels and spent an hour dancing to “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama and “All The Single Ladies” by Beyonce.

“My friends [that had dates] were really nervous because they didn’t really know their dates that well, or they weren’t friends with anyone in their group,” Durone said. “I know that caused a lot of stress.”

Durone was not the only one who chose to go to homecoming with just girls- sophomore Jana Banerjea also went to homecoming with three of her close friends. 

They straightened each other’s hair and glued on their fake eyelashes while singing along to sophomore Alex Como’s “Everyday” Spotify playlist in sophomore Grace Goldman’s bathroom. They pulled casual dresses from hangers in their closet hours before, instead of frantically searching through the racks at Nordstrom weeks before the dance.  

With no date, the worries of hairspray doused curls falling out of place was eliminated, and the girls had the freedom to be themselves. 

After the dance, Durone and her three friends sat in pajama pants and oversized shirts, watching Zac Efron belt out “Bet On It” until 2 a.m. with Noodles and Company in their laps.

The girls focused on having a memorable night, without the stress of keeping a flawless appearance or carrying on awkward conversations with a date they didn’t know. 

“Homecoming was way less stressful,” Como said. “We could just go on our own time and not worry about everything being perfect.”

As the girls replaced posed candid corsage pictures with cute selfies worthy of being featured on their Snapchat stories, they felt satisfied knowing their choice to go to homecoming with their friends was the right thing to do.