Spirit Sells: Student Store 2016


Q: What’s new this year compared to years in the past in the student store?

A: We are now doing business with Made in KC which no previous years has been involved with outside companies. We connected with them through Hailey Mohr. She works with them and she got us an interview with her boss and talked and decided about a few products. We hope to get involved with more companies in the future too. 


Q: Where do you think the student store is going in the future?

A: I think that it’s going to be amazing opportunities and with the new printer we just got we can put monograms on cups and yetis that everyone has and really personalize our products. I think if we continue to progress like we have relating to business with other companies and stuff that we have been trying to do this year I think it will definitely move to be really successful.


Q: What kinds of misunderstandings do you think there are about the student store?

A: Well the whole thing is completely student run and we don’t get to keep our profits. The funds go to our class and so that we can go to DECA competitions so that the teachers and the school don’t have to pay for it on their own. We completely run it with a little input from Mercedes, but we do all of the ordering, designing, selling, promotions, and everything we do on our own.