Hello! My name is Meredith McGannon and this is my third year on Hauberk. This year I am co running the Hauberk Instagram. (@thisishauberk). I am a designer and I have designed multiple spreads during my 3 years on staff. During my time on yearbook I have been in charge of Senior Ads and Captions. With these jobs I had to stay organized and on top of things. For Senior Ads I helped organize the money that came in as well as designed ads. This is super important because this is a big money maker for our book and how we are able to fundraise things. I also was in charge of captions last year. For captions we also had to be super organized because every single picture needed a caption. I assigned captions to everyone on staff. I love being on yearbook and I am so excited for this year.

Meredith McGannon, Media Editor

Nov 16, 2020
Fight For a Green Earth (Story)
Shawnee Mission East Yearbook